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Education for all

DADREG believes that in order to reduce poverty and ignorance, there is need to invest in education. To do this, DADREG has invested in education of children rehabilitated from the dumpsite and children with disabilities by supporting these children with uniforms, writing materials, desks and tables while also supporting public schools that admits these children by putting up library facilities fully equipped with books so that these children are not sent home again because they lack text books. 

DADREG has partners that support children who do well in their exams allowing them to go to high schools and universities. 

Partnerships with Education for All Children (EFAC), has seen them providing 2 scholarship slots for bright children every year; Giraffe Education Centre, providing 5 slots each year to the best performing children and Commonwealth Girls Education Fund (CGEF), offering supporting to three bright girls to continue with their education. 

Rattansi Educational Trust has also been providing support so far to 11 bright boys and girls to attend various public universities in Kenya. 



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