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Eradication of poverty is the main goal of DADREG and this is being attained through enrollment of children and youths from the dumpsite into various different levels of learning institutions. DADREG in its community work, identifies intelligent pupils who are from needy families from its scholarships. This support also aims at empowering children living with disabilities to attain education.

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Sports & Recreational Activities

DADREG uses sports and recreational activities to hook off children scavenging from the dumpsite and involving them in talent development and strengthening. Through these activities, several children have benefited and has secured scholarships from sporting engaged organizations both in Kenya and internationally.

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Skills Development

DADREG currently offers different technical skills to women and youths who are taken off dumpsite. These courses include catering, hairdressing, baking and pastry, tailoring and dress making, computer packages, welding masonry, plumbing, carpentry and electrical.

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Enterpreneurial Support

Women and youths benefit from the continuous business support from DADREG. This support has seen more than 250 businesses succeeding. It has been the most basic mechanism to ensure self-sustenance among women. In our daily assessments of businesses, we have gone to the extent of lifting most that are headed by single mothers within Dandora.

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Needy Family Support

DADREG works everyday towards supporting needy families. Residents within Dandora slums as noted, depend in the informal financial sources including prostitution alongside scavenging at the dumpsite and other immoral conducts. We raise hands to such several families, providing one-month food support.

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School Feeding

DADREG setting up learning center for the ECDE pupils, was aimed at bringing together the vulnerable children for learning purposes, however, the challenge of malnutrition has been a major concern.

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DADREG conducts health assessments twice yearly in which children and community members are done medical check-up to ensure a healthy community. The most recent medical camp for children was help in March, 2022.

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Campaign Against Child Abuse, SBV and GBV

Dandora being an informal settlement, is characterized with immoral behaviors such as child abuse, sexually and gender-based violence. DADREG, works with different like-minded bodies to fight against these kinds of violence that has resulted into divorce, depression, disabilities and premature death to victims.

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To motivate and transform lives of the most vulnerable and reduce poverty and empower the youth to be the next generation of power brokers and influencers in the modern world. The promotion of women’s individual and collective power to claim their rights in all spheres of life.


To Create Sustainable Communities and Develop Structures for Social Development for The Vulnerable Communities Where Work and Develop Devolving Fund for Social Development. A society that respects and upholds the rights of girls and women.

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