What is DADREG?

The Development Action Devolved Regeneration Group (Dadreg) Is a Network of Community Service Delivery Organization Working in the Urban and Rural Areas. The Organization was formulated in The Year 2017. With the aim of empowering women and girls to become self-reliant through skills, advocacy and access to capital.

This Is a Community Initiate That Is Working Very Closely with Community Grassroot Development Structures to Address The Community Challenges And Concerns Within The Perimeter Of Social Development And Sustainability.

The organization has identified two very vulnerable communities with the aim of promoting empowerment programs targeting the most tangible and vulnerable populations ie in the urban environment, the efforts are Directed Towards The Informal Settlement In The 6 Major Slums In The County Of Nairobi.

While In the Rural Communities the Efforts Area Directed In The County Of Hombaya Mbita Sub County.

All The Organization In Out And Resources Are Primarily Directed Towards Transforming The Lives Of The Most Vulnerable In The Two Environments Bucked By The Community Research Carried Out By Different Organizations Working In The Area Of Social Development And Sustainability.

The Organization Programming Areas Were Driven By The Fact That The Two Communities Had High Number Of The Needy Families And Youth With Outstanding Needs That Needed Practical Involvement And Timely Intervention Strategies.

The Organization Is Targeting The Youth, Women And Children Who Are In Need Of Support More So Those Who Have Not Received Any Social Development Service For The Last 24monhts.

The Youth Are Recruited In The Skill Transfer Program To Enhance Job Hunting Opportunities.

According To Available Data Of Girl Child Challenges From The International Organization Did Put Girls At High Risk Hence Need For The Organization To Support Girls To Remain In Schools And Escape The Wrath Of Community Cultural Pressure Of Getting Married And Being Pushed To The Kitchen.

Within The Concept Of Networking And Collaboration, The Organization Has Established A Community School And A Vocational Centre To Provide The Educational Support And Provide Employment Skills To The Community In The Wider Dandora Slums.

Another Very Important Milestone Is Th Establishment Of The Community Based Irrigation Scheme Project At Nyasanje Village That Is Solar Powered On A 100-Acre Block Of Land Supporting Horticultural Programs.

A Community Water Project Has Also Been Established At The Kamareri Village Providing Water For Over 100,000 People And Community Animals.

A Community Library Is Also Supporting Literacy Education At The Kamasam Village With A Good Number Of Instrumental Books.

Plans Are Underway to Establish A Good Modest Vocational Training Center In The County Of Homabay To Rescue The Needy Children And Provide Skills For The Youth To Help Pull Them Out Of The Lake Shore That Has Become A Security Threat To The Surrounding Communities.

The Organization Is Also Very Active In The Hiv/Aids Programming In The Two Communities Alongside Poverty Eradication And Business Development.

 Founded in 2017 , dadreg  is a registered community Based   Organization  empower Kenyan communities  economically.and socially .by addressing development pillars .

 Over the past 5 years, it has grown tremendously with members spread across 2  counties in Kenya. The organization’s headquarters is in Nairobi but it has offices in the county of hombay  ran by county programs coordinators managers and field  officers.

The leading humanitarian organization since 2017 reaching out to helpless people with a passion for support.


Estimated HIV/Aids support groups trained in Gembe ward


Estimated population of young women involved in farming in Nyasanje village Irrigation Scheme


Community Stakeholders Sensitization Workshop Conducted In Gembe Ward Targeting Over 600 Community Members.


Estimated population indirectly benefitting from food relief in Gembe ward-30families supported


Football Clubs Formed to Support Community Awareness Campaigns in Gender Violence and Prevention


Estimated population of Community Members Counselled and Referred for Special Attention at Different Health Centres and Service Delivery Organizations in the Community.

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