Many youth and women who reside in Dandora and adjacent slums go to the dumpsite to work or scavenge for food due to poverty. The level of poverty among the people residing in the slums that surrounds the dumpsite means that the people are not able to access education, skills and credit facilities that could make them become competitive in the job market as well as creators of jobs.  As a result of lack of skills, majority of the people are not able to compete with their counterparts elsewhere who are fortunate to have had skills and education.

Through Skills Development, women and girls are provided with skills in Agribusiness, tailoring, hairdressing and catering. 

Women and girls beneficiaries are trained in agribusiness as part of DADREG efforts to make the families food secure. They are trained how to utilise small spaces they have to grow vegetables, tomatoes and rare chicken both for meet and eggs. Once they have finished with their trainings, they are supported to set up project or businesses based on the trainings/ skills they learned.  

This we do to make families become food secure and as part of DADREG’s effort to reduce poverty among the families who resides in the slums surrounding the dumpsite as well as those who work/ scavenge in the dumpsite.  At DADREG, we believe that if women are provided with vocational and entrepreneurship skills, they would be able to get employment or create wealth thus reducing poverty and taking care of their children instead of working or scavenging in the dumpsite. This will help in reducing the number of children working and scavenging in the dumpsite by being in school.