Primary Schooling

DADREG believes that in order to reduce poverty and ignorance, there is need to invest in education.  To do this, DADREG has invested in education of children who work/ scavenge in the dumpsite and from the slums. These children are reached out through sports as a way of getting their confidence. Once we are able to get their confidence and asked them what they would like to do and tell us what they want, we are able to help hem based on their interest. For those who would want to go back to school, we connect them with partner public primary schools that admit them based on their levels since there were those who were pulled out of schools due to poverty, while others never set foot in school.  by supporting public schools that admits them.

Those accepted in schools are supported with school uniforms, desks, chairs and writing materials. DADREG also help the schools that admit them by putting up library facilities in those schools instead of buying text books to individual children that is not sustainable. This is also done to enable other children from poor family’s access text books within these facilities.

Secondary Schooling 

DADREG through friends have been able to set up a scholarship program. The program supports bright, but poor children who were rehabilitated from the dumpsite. Majority of these children were admitted in some of the best secondary schools where they are assured of going to university.


  • 2145 children from Wangu Primary School now able to receive two meals a day
  • 144 children rehabilitated from the dumpsite since 2013 left the dumpsite for good
  • 37 women rehabilitated from the dumpsite since May 2016 left the dumpsite for good and now involved in productive activities.
  • 4,500 children and youth are engaged each year through football to keep them busy
  • 21 children at Wangu Primary School with learning disabilities are provided with assistive technology to make education for them exciting.
  • 17 students in high schools are supported through DADREG Scholarship program to continue with their education.
  • 3 Libraries set up and equipped in three different public schools in Dandora, enabling 4,500 children access reading materials.
  • Three of the schools DADREG support has seen their mean grades improve from 213 in 2013 to 265 in 2015. This means that many children are able to achieve means scores to enable them attend some of the best secondary schools and receive scholarships from Wings To Fly, charities, Foundations and County Government.



“I worked in the dumpsite for more than ten years still hoping that one day I’ll get someone who can enroll me to a Tailoring college. Hope seemed to be dying as many people had come asking us why  we worked in the dumpsite and when we intended to leave. DADREG came and brought hope into my life and a few of my colleagues who worked in the dumpsite when they did similar interviews to me and my colleagues in February 2015. We thought it was business as usual but today I can confess that it was a serious business.

DADREG invited me and a few of my colleagues to start a Tailoring course in January 2016. I remember I started on 18th January 2016 after struggling with doubts that I was going to achieve my dream job- being a designer. Well, I gave in and started off. Today, I not only count a blessing to be in DADREG for five months but a big advantage too. In five months, I have learnt how to make wonderful clothes like dresses, skirt suits, Kitenges etc in different designs. I sell them, make them for my children, my husband and for myself as I continue learning. In five months my family looks smart, it’s  living a better life because now I am able to remain clean due to the demand of my job, my health has improved as I am not suffering chest problems any more due to the bad smell from the dump site. i regret for the long time I spent in the dumpsite doing risky jobs. I wish DADREG had come earlier than January 2016, I could have lived my dream life. I just hope and pray that DADREG will live forever, will grow to become an international NGO so that many people can benefit and have hope for the future like I do today. I also pray that I will be able to start my own business after my training so that I do not lose this precious skill I have gained through DADREG”


“I was in the dumps site since I turned 15 years. I had just completed my primary school education and could not proceed with my education for lack of school fees. My family was poor and was living in this slum. With the little my mother was making she could only manage to feed us sometimes and other times we had to look for food on our own.

My dream job was to become a professional salonist but this could not happen as I did not have funds to proceed to college or even high school. One day God sent an angel called DADREG my way. Then I had worked in the dumpsite for ten years after trying to do other jobs like washing clothes for pay and failing. I thought they were any other individual who had promised to give dumpsite workers help but never turned back after collecting information from us. I prayed hard that God opens this opportunity for me and sure enough He did in January 2016. My life changed completely. I was green about salon work though I was passionate about doing it. This made me learn very fast and five months today, I know how to plait, braid, weave, relax and even doing curl kit. I have clients who come looking for me though I am still in school. My life has changed through counseling i have received in DADREG. Now I can handle my customers professionally and keep them coming. May God bless DADREG. I sometimes wonder why my dream job had to take too long but later think that it had to come through DADREG and in 2016 so I work hard and remember to pray for DADREG every day. What I have learned for five months heals the pain of the time I wasted in the dumpsite for the ten years I worked there. I really thank the management and the donors of DADREG for coming down to the least advantaged in the society like me and pray that more donors will come in to support other people who were left in the dumpsite. One prayer I have is that I’ll have capital to start a saloon after completing my training in June this year”


“I am mother to three boys all in secondary schools, thanks to DADREG. I was referred to the organization by the staff of Wangu primary school in Dandora Phase IV where my children were going to school. Before then I had enrolled them to a private school but I ran out of funding and so they started missing school and their performance went down. I was very stressed as I could clearly see that the future of my children will be dull.

By the time I approached DADREG I had gone to the school to request the headmistress to allow my children to rewind class seven as I had no funds to enroll them to high school. They used to score more than 350 out of 500 marks in every exam they sat for. By this time their elder brother was in form one. The headmistress said my children were bright and that there was no reason for them to keep repeating a class for lack of funding. She promised to do all she could to assist me. She then referred me to DADREG and a new dawn showed in my life. My two boys were enrolled in Mbita High School, a National School where they are learning without fear of lack of school fees, all thanks to DADREG. My eldest son had dropped from school in Form three but now he is back again thanks to support from DADREG. One of my sons had a problem with his eyes and this was rectified through support given by DADREG meaning he has hoped to live longer and in healthy eyes. I thank God for bringing DADREG to this world. Without it the life of my children would not have ended in Glory like I fore see. I could also be dead due to stress but I do not have it any more as DADREG has catered for what used to stress me. May God bless DADREG, its workers and Donors forever.