DADREG has ventured to rural areas to help women with farming. We are Addressing Food Insecurity Through Modern Farming Techniques. The first project is in Mbita that we started recently.

Background of agribusiness project:

In 2015, DADREG & Community Development Initiatives conducted a research to assess and gain insights into the most appropriate implementation strategy that will increase household income and food security for people living in Dandora Slum, Kenya, who scavenge for food and recyclable or reusable materials from Dandora dumpsite.

The following activities were carried out to improve livelihoods of beneficiaries working in the dumpsite:

  • Training in agribusiness skills
  • Training in value addition
  • Utilization of small space to grow food
  • Rare animals

Project Key Theme:

  • Training women in agribusiness skills to benefit from the limited land at their disposals.
  • Training women in modern farming techniques to improve farm yields.
  • Investing in agricultural extension services.
  • Availing farm inputs.