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Dandora, Nairobi

Our Projects

Finishing Construction of DADREG

Primary School DADREG is currently supporting 260 children spread across four public primary schools. Some of the partner schools are overwhelmed as they have so many children in a classroom. For example, a classroom that normally accommodate 50 children are now having 100 children. This means that there are no more spaces for children we rehabilitate from the dumpsite. This has forced the organisation to start the construction work of a school – Candlelight Education Centre, that will allows as to admit as many children from the dumpsite and within the slums as possible to access quality education.

Women & Youth Empowerment

DADREG is supporting women and youth working in the dumpsite and those living in the slums with skills that will make them to not only become competitive in the job market, but also wealth creators. DADREG understands that giving women houses alone is not enough to reduce their vulnerability. To reduce their vulnerability to shocks, DADREG has been providing them with skills and capital to enable them venture in to business based on the skills they were trained on. The greatest impediment women in the slums and dumpsite faces in accessing loan from the lending institutions is lack of collaterals. DADREG would be happy with the support to set up a community revolving fund in future that enables women to borrow without conditions attached.

Education & Nutritional Support

To make sure that children rehabilitated from the dumpsite remain in school, DADREG has been supporting those schools with tuition and nutritional support. The organisation also support those families who cannot completely afford to feed their children. DADREG supports these families with nutrition so that the children remain instead of going to scavenge for food in the dumpsite that compromise their school’s attendance.