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The 2019/2020 edition has a budget of € 500,000. The projects submitted funding applications from € 25,000 to € 100,000.

The Fund will assume project costs: up to 75% of the total for nonprofit entities; and up to 50% of the total for for-profit entities.

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Energy & Education
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Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group (DADREG)
Kenya, Dandora slums, Nairobi

Powering DADREG Community Training Centre
In Dandora slums, majority of youth work in the toxic dumpsite because they lack skills to compete with others in the job market. Due to poverty, youth drop out of school to work in the dumpsite. There are no Centres in Dandora where youth could access skills for gainful employment. There are also no public spaces around where children and young people could spend their time reading or engaging on issues that are important to the community. Dandora slums lack enough schools to accommodate many children from poor families.
In order to provide space where young people out of school could receive vocational and entrepreneurship skills, Japanese, Irish and Germany Embassies in Nairobi- Kenya provided funding to DADREG to construct a Community Training Centre and equip the Centre with equipment and tools required to undertake trainings. The donated equipment would need to be powered as most of the courses that includes computer studies, welding, electrical, hairdressing, tailoring and plumbing requires power for practical lessons and during lectures.
For the project to become sustainable means that there is need to have a self-sufficient, cheap & interrupted power supply which can power the Centre, enabling the youth to access skills for gainful employment, providing student space to study or do their homework, while also offering the community a space for interaction. This can only be made possible through the use of renewable green energy that will make DADREG to sustain the community projects for a long time without worrying about the electrical bills that will be unsustainable given the organization is a non-profit.

Power Installed: 15kWp
Beneficiaries: 6.800 direct and 24.620 indirect

Expected outputs:
• 980 youth will access vocational & entrepreneurship daily12 classrooms in 2 schools with electricity
• 1.200 studying at DADREG community center access lighting for education, and, cooking their meals so that children don´t go scavenge for food in the dumpsite
• 74 young people will have space to do activities (acting, dancing, singing) at night
• 120 community members with space for meetings during the evening
• Reduce the electricity invoice in 70%