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DADREG’s mission is to rehabilitate women and children working in the dumpsite by providing them with access to skills and education. The aim is to provide sustainable livelihoods to people who work in the dumpsite so that they are able to not only becomes competitive in the job market but creators of wealth. We understand that many people who go to work or scavenge in the dumpsite do so because they lack education or skills that could make them compete with others who have skills and education. Therefore, to make sure that people residing around the dumpsite as well as those working in the dumpsite get off the dumpsite, we try to enable them access the skills and microcredit facilities.

DADREG understands that when people are not ducated, their understanding of issues like the effects of dumpsite in their lives is very minimal.


An empowered youth and women with skills and easy access to information and opportunities will not only make them become competitive in the job market, but creators of jobs and also aware of issues that affects them in their lives.