Why this Project?


Dealing with street families, especially those who have given up hope in life and feel that society and fate has conspired against them in ways they find difficult to deal with. They view society with suspicion and, no matter how much one tries, trust does not come cheaply.

An innovative feature of this project is its ability to bring street families to undertake projects that improve their wellbeing and think of alternatives to sorting garbage for recycling as a way of earning a living. Merging sports and business is such a bright idea, as apart from engaging them in business to earn honest livelihoods, they are making the country proud by winning important international trophies.

The dumpsite is not a healthy place for children to grow up.  The waste dumped ranges from industrial wastes to households wastes, which children rummage through to look for leftover food.  In some cases the food they find is mixed with industrial wastes.  This has caused deaths, and diseases that many of these children carry, since they don’t have anyone to take them to the hospital for treatment.

Though the dumpsite offers employment opportunities for thousands of youth and women, the health and wellbeing of these people has not been good owing to health problem they complain of.